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When you arrive at your first appointment, expect to receive my full attention and care. Your first appointment will be approximately 30 minutes where you will share your desires and I will make an assessment of your current condition and options to get your best results.

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About Me: Dollie Allan

My name is Dollie Allan and I am a Certified Laser Technician and a "career changer." I recently retired from 23 years of nursing in the health care industry and have decided to take my career into a new direction. I was born, raised and educated in Calgary, Alberta Canada and made my long awaited journey to the US in 1997.

I studied at the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale where I received my license to practice in the state of Arizona. My focus is on anti-aging through the process of medical grade procedures.  The beauty industry, in general, is moving more and more toward prevention of aging and less toward plastic surgery. Prevent before you are in need of surgery!

Prevention of aging should start in our early 20's and continue throughout our life span. As with any medical condition, prevention and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle is key. My goal is to provide excellent education to all my clients in order for you to understand what is available to you. Pre and Post care teaching as well as home care are of utmost importance to me.

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